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Shenyang Liyuan Railway Vehicle Equipment CO.,LTD. is a subsidiary of Jilin Liyuan Refining Co., Ltd. On May 7, 2015, it was registered in Shenyang Shenbei New District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. Companies registered capital: one billion three thousand yuan. Company Address: Shenyang Shenbei New Area Puhe Road 158. Business: urban rail transit equipment, railway rolling stock and motor vehicle unit manufacturing; aluminum deep processing; doors and windows, glass curtain wall processing, installation and so on.
   After the establishment of the company and on June 5, 2015 in Shenbei New District Development and Reform Bureau reported the "rail vehicle manufacturing and deep processing of aluminum" project, covers an area of 1.74 million square meters, construction area of 1.09 million square meters, the laying of rail vehicles commissioning 3 special lines, 9 storage lines and 4,126 sets of production equipment for the products. The total investment of 10.2 billion project.
   The project was officially started on June 20, 2015 under the strong support and assistance of Shenyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and Shenbei New District Committee and District Government. There are 30 major workshops in the project, including a bicycle debugging workshop, a joint assembly debugging workshop , Two painting workshops, two car body workshops, bogie joint workshop, assembly workshop, two maintenance workshops, spare parts processing workshops, spare material workshop, parts welding workshop, parts maintenance workshop, aluminum material library, glass production workshop, Doors and windows production workshop, profile deep processing workshop six, logistics workshop five. Up to now, pavement and rain drainage plant construction, park afforestation and tree planting, as well as the interior decoration of conference center.
   The project is two projects:
   1, rail vehicle manufacturing (high-speed rail trains, subway trains, subway trains and train trains), the annual production of 350 rail passenger cars, annual sales of 16.8 billion yuan.
   2, deep processing of aluminum products: deep processing of electronic products, deep processing of power products, deep processing of machinery manufacturing products, deep processing of transportation products, deep processing of solar energy products, building windows and doors, manufacture and installation of glass curtain wall and other products. A variety of deep-processing products to annual sales of 4 billion yuan.
   The above two products with annual sales of 20.8 billion yuan.
   Companies adhering to the "Pursuit of excellence, beyond the self," the entrepreneurial spirit of the sales market-oriented, people and technology as the support, strengthen management, increase efficiency, with outstanding performance return government and all sectors of the community, return the community, the return of shareholders, Report staff. For the company to create a world-class public company and work hard.

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